NXP Philips LPC2800 Evaluation Board

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If you do not have the LPC2880 Evaluation Board Supplemental CD that came with your board, you can send an E-Mail request to support@icetech.com download instructions.

Download the board user guide.  

  • Board CPU - NXP Philips LPC2888 microcontroller
  • Power Source Options:
    • AA size battery
    • USB
    • External 5V DC power supply.
  • 20 Way JTAG connector.
  • 16M (8M x 16) Bytes of SDRAM.
  • 8M (4M x 16) Bytes of FLASH. - Expandable to 16M (8M x 16) Bytes of FLASH.
  • 1 x LCD Module with Epson S1D15605 built in.
  • 1 x SD Card connector.
  • 1 x USB connector (USB B Receptacle Connector for USB Device).
  • 1 x UART (RS232) physical interface circuits connected to standard PC style DB9 male connector.
  • 1 x Headphone jack (3.5mm).
  • (Not installed) Additional Headphone jack (3.5mm).
  • 2 x 10, 2 x 20 pin break-out headers.
  • Reset pushbutton switch.
  • Mode Selection pushbutton switches.
  • Start, Stop pushbutton switches.
  • 1 x User output LED.
  • 3 x Power Supply Status LEDs.
  • Small prototyping area consisting of an area of 0.1 inch spaced through holes with easy access to ground and 3.3V power supply points.

Part number: LPC2800 LPC2800 Evaluation Kit $995.00  

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