NXP Philips LPC3000 Evaluation Board

Specification overview: 

      Download the LPC3180 Evaluation board user guide pdf.   

  • Fitted with the NXP LPC3180 microcontroller
  • NAND FLASH - 32M (32M x 8)
  • SDRAM - 32M (8M x 32)
  • SD Card slot
  • 20-Pin Standard JTAG/ETB connector.
  • NXP PCF8558 LCD Display
  • Three USB Ports
    • USB HOST
    • USB Device
    • USB OTG with Mini AB Receptacle & NXP ISP1301 OTG Transceiver.
  • Three RS232 UARTs with DB9 female connectors
  • Four, 80-pin CPU pin access break-out headers
  • User Reset pushbutton switch.
  • Four user pushbuttons
  • Two user LEDs
  • Prototyping area
    • 0.1 Inch spaced prototyping through holes
    • 20 User ground points
    • 10 User 3.0Vdc power points
    • 10 User 1.8V power points
  • One 5.0 Vdc supply input provides all necessary EVB voltages.

Part number: LPC3000 LPC3180 Evaluation Kit $895.00  

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